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Top 5 Milktea Places || PINAYAVENTURES

In 2014 I was curious about the growing rave for milktea and so I decided to try it and indeed this refreshing drink is a must try. Despite the milktea scare story of a person getting poisoned(isolated case) me and my officemates to date are still milktea lovers. There was even a time when we would order it each and everyday during breaks at our office. So if you are also wondering which milktea places are worth the rave, check the list below.
Here's a list of milktea places that I love and order from:

5. Chatime

Those who loves the color purple would love this Taiwan milktea place that has made it's way to our country as the shop has great and instagramable spots for purple lovers.

They have this circle thing that lights up when your order is ready. Cool, is'nt it?


4. Gong Cha

Gongcha is a milktea place that invites Chinese vibes based on their interiors as it is red with yellow. Although they offer a taiwan style drink, Gongcha word …

Free Movie from Tempra || PINAYAVENTURES

You heard me right! Another free movie offering from our beloved Tempra "basta lagnat, tempra ang katapat". This time I am inviting my officemates to join me as we bring our kids to watch Trolls-find your happy place.

So for those moms who are on a budget but wants to reward their kids to a movie that they will surely enjoy, come and join us on November 5 @ SM Megamall, Cinema 10 3pm. Kindly check the image below for the mechanics and follow TempraPH for more updates on facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase those tempra products and get to enjoy a moviedate with your family plus freebies from Tempra! Thanks Tempra!

My Top 5 favorite local beauty youtuber in PH || PINAYAVENTURES

"I wake up for make up." It makes me happy and it gives me that boost of confidence whenever I'm out and about. Before, I'm one of those girls who thinks makeup is a want and not a need but thanks to YOUTUBE and to the pinay youtubers I learned to enhance the beauty in me.(walang kokontra!Charot!)

Here's my 5 favorite Pinay Youtubers:
1. Saytiocoartillero

        She is one of the very 1st youtubers I've watched way back 2012 or 2013. I believe she was still a student back then. I like how she talks and how "kalog" she is. She is very hardworking which transpires in the work that she does. Among the famous words that she usually uses on her vlogs are "kalurks,burks", "bongga!" and many more. She now has more than 100k subscribers and has definitely gone a long way. She is the epitome of the saying in Filipino "pag may tyaga, may nilaga."

2. Anne Clutz

         I usually watch her vlogs when I'm looking for affordabl…

Tokyo Tokyo Red Iced Tea @ 25php

Love Tokyo Tokyo’s Red Iced Tea? Show your love and celebrate Red Iced Tea Day with us on July 22! On this day, the Super Sumo Red Iced Tea (32 oz.) will be available for only Php 25, that’s Php 44 off the regular price! 

So i saw this on facebook and since I love Tokyo Tokyo's red iced tea I made sure to drop by the Bgc branch today.

I got a total of 6 super sumo red iced tea (32oz) to share to my friends and loved ones. Thanks Tokyo Tokyo and till your next Red Iced Tea Day!

Check my fb page:
@Aprylpinayayaventures  for freebies, discounts and offers that will help you live life for less!

Foodever21 - Good food for less || PINAYAVENTURES

Ever since we moved I have been curious of what Foodever21 sells as I constantly pass by the area and see a lot of people dining.

The resto is open 24/7 except on Sundays!

The name of the resto is definitely catchy especially to those who like to shop at Forever21.

Pictures below will show you how the resto looks like. It is small but it can definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

The first time I visited the place i only ordered their carbonara as i was craving for pasta.

The carbonara definitely had a twist as you can see in the picture above and I liked how it taste and so i decided to go back to the place to try their other bestsellers. I decided to invite my friends from work and so we started Team Bochog's 1st Food Chronicle ➡ Foodever21 @ 190A 21st Ave. East Rembo Makati!

From Market Market : sakay kayo ng jeep na pa pateros madadaanan to 7php lang ang pamasahe malapit sya sa east rembo elementary school
From Guadalupe: sakay din ng jeep na pa pateros 7php din ang fare
From anyw…

Movie Day from Tempra || PINAYAVENTURES

Planning to treat your family to watch a movie but had to buy medicine for your kids cough or fever? Worry no more! Here's a deal that tipid moms would not want to miss!

It's July and i know moms like me would agree that this is the season when we plan ahead and would like to make sure our kids wont catch that cold that may also cause fever. This is also the season where we do use all of our "tipid" powers to make sure we have enough just in case there would be an emergency or our kid gets sick! What if i told you that you could still be the thrifty mom that you are and plan ahead and even get to score movie tickets for free? Yes you heard me right and see below for mechanics:

  (photos from Tempra PH facebook page)

So what are you waiting for? You can now have a fun movie date and still keep cough and fever away! Thanks to Tempra!

             xoxo, APRYL OF PINAYAVENTURES

Sample Room- Try before you buy

Grocery shopping is usually a bonding time for me and my 7 year old daughter. This is the time when we would spend hours together choosing stuff and essentials that we need at home. I usually am hesitant to try new products as I am the type who would rather choose a brand that I have already tested rather than risk on new products which i have never tried before. This is the usual thinking of moms and even those who are single who are on a budget or who does not want to waste a single peso. Lucky for us we now have sample room! Sample room is a website where we get to order new items and try them before shelling out your hard earned money to purchase them. "Try before you buy" as what their slogan says.

                          FREE PRODUCTS

 Upon registration on their website you will earn 100 points that you can use to get free products. For my first product i decided to get the Palmolive Naturals shampoo and conditioner full sizes for 70 points during t…

Tempra Free Movie - Finding Dory

Last June 18 we got 3 free tickets for the blocked screening of Finding Dory and we had so much fun! Good news is they have another free screening on July 9 for Ice Age 5 and you still can avail of this opportunity to treat your family to a moviedate! All you simply have to do is buy 150php worth of tempra products, send a photo of it through pm on their page and wait for the announcement if you have made it. They reserve 500 slots and they have just confirmed that there are still slots to fill. Bring the o.r on the day of the screening and come atleast an hour early to claim your ticket, lootbags with free tempra products and a neck pillow!

Visit TempraPH for full details.

Free movie, lootbags, neck pillows and more. All of these were part of Tempra's event last June 18, 2016 held at Megamall Cinema 2.8

          (photos from Tempra PH fb page)

When you purchase 150 worth of Tempra products, you get a chance to win free movie ticket, you also get …