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It's the time of the year again when people would gather and reunite. What better way to do so than with food. As such here's my top 5 affordable catering service that serves delicious food when you are in Zamboanga City.

I got a chance to visit this restaurant in Pasonanca to try their Buko Knickerbucker and happy to hear that they also offer catering service for as low as 150pesos/head. They have a minimum of 50 heads upon booking with server, tables, chairs and set-up but can also accomodate 30 heads with no server, with tables and chairs plus 500-600 pesos transportation cost depending on how far your area is.

Above is a picture of your choices.

Golden Ribbons is a pioneer when it comes to catering. I have been hearing their name even while I was younger.
Below are the options.


If you are into the not so traditional way of  set-up, then BBK is for you. They can offer group boodle fight to the conventional catering set-u…

BAY TAL MAL || The house of wealth, a taste of royalty

I have been to other restaurants offering Tausug cuisine but what got me to visit this restaurant is the fact that it is the 1st Muslim restaurant in the region accrediited by DOT and is Halal Certified by HICCIP. So what's your idea of Halal?
Before talking to the owner my idea of Halal is simply not having pork on the Menu but as how Mr. Yasin(owner) explained it's the entire process that makes a restaurant Halal certified, from the killing of the animal, till preparation and serving.
Sunday, Oct 15

A day after the restaurants 3rd year anniversary we decided to pay them a visit and have a taste of what Bay Tal Mal , the house of wealth has in store for us.

The place makes you feel like royalty. From the interiors, the color, the vibe , music and even how they serve their dishes and water.
Personally, Tausug/ Moro cuisine is not something prepared to us during our younger years. Even if I was born and raised in Zamboanga, these types of food is something we only taste when w…

EL GALLO LOCO || Making Zamboangueños tastebuds go Loco

The name of this restaurant got me all curious and excited to visit them upon arriving in Zamboanga. Since I am on fixed weekends off and I was able to score a few trips during Cebu Pacific's piso fare I have devoted one night to experience the EL GALLO LOCO madness.
Saturday  October 14 me and my bestfriend decided to visit this place. So what does EL GALLO LOCO offer that can make the ZAMBOANGUEÑOS tastebuds go loco?

El Gallo Loco offers meals as low as 98pesos! Try their EL GALLO AMARILLO(Chicken Inasal) & EL GALLO VERDE(Chicken Pianggang) it's the original version with a twist that the Zamboangueño tastebuds will like. You can also try their EL TORO LOCO(Beef Kulma) if you are into a spicy treat! 

How to get there:

From town you can ride a jeepney going to Sta Maria and ask the driver to drop you off Hapi Convenience Store or Cecilles pharmacy as the restaurant is right beside these two establishments and near EAAB.

You can also ride a tricycle and have the driver tak…


Whenever a seaman comes home they often spend time with their families and friends. They would often eat out and enjoy the days that they have in land before going back and sailing away fron home. What would a seaman's dream be that TOPSIDE can offer?

Families and friends of seaman would often wonder how it is being one and would dream of going to the ship and experiencing the life first hand and I'm sure it is also a seaman's dream to be able to bring their families with them on board but most of the time only a limited number of family members would be allowed to visit. Now TOPSIDE will make that dream happen.

Being a part of a family of seafarers from my uncles, cousins to my brother I was thrilled to visit the place and even bring my seafarer relatives when they get home.

Saturday, October 28
The travel squad decided to go on a food trip before my flight the next day. We decided to visit Topside F Jhocson.

Located at F.Jochson St Sampaloc Manila, a nautical-inspired r…