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Birthdays are celebrated differently by different individuals. There are those who would throw a huge party, staycation, travel, go to buffets and some would have a good meal with family and friends. I am turning 30 on April fools day(yes, i am an April fool's baby) and i still can't decide how i would celebrate that day till yesterday an fb friend had this post about feeding street children and it's as if everything stopped and an idea crossed my mind.

So here it is, I have joined a group called OLPS(ONE LIFE PUBLIC SERVANTS) PHILIPPINES- the groups mission is to feed street children nationwide. I already have 4 restaurants helping me out who already pledged to make this happen but I also would like to treat street children so I thought of having to do this on my birth month with the help of other members, friends, batchmates and relatives. Thank you in advance to everyone who would help make this a possibility and that would make my birthday wish come true.



Can we enjoy both worlds in one day?  Read on to find out.

Sunday, one whole day left till we leave Zamboanga and go back to the hussle and bussle of Manila. 2 destinations on our list that we have to go to with so little time plus add the fact that these 2 destinations are almost 50 kms. away from each other.

Saturday, March 11, 2016 after our food hunt downtown, visiting places, decorating for my Aunt's 73rd birthday, attending the family reunion, we managed to visit Paseo del Mar to secure a reservation for our Pink Sand, Sta. Cruz Island adventure. Reservations are already available since January, 2017 and is much better as you are the one's who will be attended to first.

Only 400 individuals are allowed per day to visit the famous island. We went home from Laftrip Comedy bar located infront of Marcian's Hotel at 1am, we had a little too much fun without thinking that we will need to be at Paseo del Mar as early as 7am. We were …


SONY A5000- The freedom to shoot beautifully.

I have been in search for a camera that would serve me well whenever i blog about my travel, foodventures and adventures in life. I have been thinking of Vlogging as well and my excuse would be that i do not have a proper camera to do so. I know i can vlog even with my phone but i think the camera will add the needed boost of confidence that i need to finally go out there join the VLOG SQUAD!

Sony has been dominating in almost every field that involves pictures or images and so the SONY A5000 will definitely be worth your every peso.

The Sony a5000 is Sony's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera to date. Included in its compact body is a 20MP APS-C image sensor and a convenient built-in flash. The LCD can tilt 180 degrees and is ideal for self portraits and zoom lever body of the camera for easier one-handed operation. There is also intelligent a new Auto Object Framing mode, which helps the user …

ZAMBOANGA FOOD GUIDE : 10 must-try food and where to find them || PINAYAVENTURES FOODTRIP

I had 5 days to spend in Zamboanga City. Besides the family reunion, exploring beautiful places, one of the highlight of this trip is "Foodtrip".

I had the chance to visit roughly around 20 establishments and I loved them all and so I came up with these 10 must-try food in Zamboanga City. I can't promise to keep the list to just 10 so i incorporated some of them in just one category.

10. PASTIL - is a Tausug delicacy that you will find even on small stalls in Zamboanga City. It is best eaten with it's spicy sauce. I first came to know about this delicacy thru my husband and since then I would occassionally join him as it is one of his favorites. It is best enjoyed in the morning as it will definitely wake you up with it's flavor. There are 2 variants, the one with togue and the other with bihon inside.

PHOTO: Jimmy's Satti House
Location: Pilar St. Zamboanga City

Besides Jimmy's Satti house you may also get Pastil at Dennis COFFEE GARDEN and other Muslim ar…

Zamboanga City Travel Guide || REDISCOVERING ZAMBOANGA

It's definitely more fun in the Philippines and most specially it is more fun in my hometown- ZAMBOANGA CITY!

Most common misconception whenever I say that I am from Zamboanga City is that the place is unsafe and that all individuals who live in the area are Muslims(there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim but not everyone is one, may mga ZamboangueƱo, Bisaya, Subanen at marami pang iba)
Zamboanga City for me is the center of the Zamboanga Peninsula as most individuals would tend to stay in Zamboanga to study, work or eventually live in the City.

Before, the City was known as the City of Flowers but eventually changed to Asia's Latin City.

March 9, 2017, 5:45am. Flying solo as my flight was affected by the Tagaytay radar maintenance. My cousins were already in Zamboanga a day earlier.

Me and my cousins from the father side(SEVERINO DELA CRUZ CLAN) decided to have our first ever reunion after more than a decade. We thought of reuniting our parents as they are growing old and…