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It's a Thursday, 22nd of June 2017 and after work I arrived home with 2 packages from Sample Room welcoming me. I was so excited to try all of the products but I was most curious to try the one from Celeteque. The only Celeteque product I have used so far is their facial wash which really worked wonders on me and my oily skin so when I saw one of their products in , I did not think twice of getting it.

Whenever I receive packages even if I know what is inside, it still gives me that excitement that I have whenever I'm opening presents when I was a kid.

So the 1st package contained the item that I was most curious about and so I opened it and tested it right away.

I almost thought I got the wrong item as it looked more of a cushion than a powder. It has a unique packaging and if you rotate the grinder clockwise it will produce the right amount of finely-milled powder.

Although the puff applies the powder well I prefer using a brush to apply the product. I was…


Hello pinoy and pinay adventurers! This blog is long overdue as I have been in Tanay a month ago after my sisters from TRES MARIAS encouraged me to discover the outdoors and climb....yes climb!

We invited a few of our other friends to join us but during the actual climb most of them could not make it. We still went for it as it is our first time to climb together. Cat and Jo have been climbing mountains for months now and are even organizing climbs for beginners and so I thought why not join them. Since I am a newbie in climbing I brought my husband "Lloyd" with me.(damay damay na kumbaga hehe)

May 8, 2017 was the day we decided to visit Tinipak River , Tinipak Cave and climb Mount Mamara as my friends Jo and Cath already conquered the other mountain in this location called Mount Daraitan and they said that Mount Mamara would be easier for me to climb.

Here's our itinerary:

4:00 AM - Meet up at Starmall Shaw Boulevard
5:00 AM - Took Van to Tanay
6:30 AM - Arrived in Tan…