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Free meal? LIBRE? Walang bayad?
Yes, you heard me right. We got to enjoy a complete meal at the famous Zamboanga Kitchen during my 36 hours stay in Zamboanga last August 5-6, 2017.

As I was planning my very quick getaway to my hometown, I came across a post from the The BIGBENS KITCHEN that got me thinking, why not?

BIGBENS KITCHEN is one of the famous restaurants in Zamboanga located at Sta. Maria Zamboanga Ciy(ground floor of AGC BLDG where you can find The Penthouse Zamboanga) near Sta. Maria Elementary School and Church.

So the post stated that we have to guess the price of one of their meals (lechon belly, rice, mugcake and drinks), and so I did. Based on the thread I was the 1st one to comment 199pesos on the post and I tagged my bestfriend per the instructions. Next thing i know i got a notification on facebook that i was one of the 3 winners (total of 6 diners) to win the contest.

     I don't usually join these types of contest but I thought of joining as I w…

How I enjoyed the Beauty of TAAL for less than 1000pesos|| PINAYAVENTURES

Do you have 1000pesos to spend and would like to have something fun to do on a weekend? Taal Adventure may be the getaway you are looking for.

Video on how we braved the storm to see the beauty of TAAL above.

July 30, 2017 - Me and my Tres Marias sisters Cath and Jo with the Travel Squad decided we do a second round on our attempt to get me to a successful climb as the TANAY Tres Maria's 1st climb did not turn out exactly as planned.

Since Cath has a car we decided to just chip in for the gas and have Adrian(Jo's bf) drive it. We met around 7am and started our journey despite the gloomy weather. It has been raining in Manila for almost 2 weeks and we almost thought of a plan b just in case the weather would not permit us to go to Taal.

We had a quick stop when we saw fruits and had to buy some to take back to Manila at one of the bikers stop in the area.

After that quick stop we proceeded with our adventure towards seeing the beauty of Taal crater up close. We followed Waze a…


Do you want to go on a food trip but you are on a budget? Worry no more BOODLES AVENUE will take care of your tummy and treat you to an all you can eat buffet in Zamboanga City for as low as 130pesos. They claim to be the first EAT ALL YOU CAN rsstaurant serving over 30+ dishes daily and the restaurant does not serve pork in respect for our muslim brothers and sisters in the city.

We visited this location last Aug 5, 2017 to eat dinner with family. It was a jampacked night and we had to wait for a table to clear so we can get settled. The owner welcomed us and we had a few talks in between meals on how she come about with this idea and when the business started.

You will be surprised to know that the owner of this business is a soldier by day and a businesswoman at night. Originally, her idea was to put up an all you can eat barbecue location but eventually ventured into the buffet all you can eat, i should say she did choose the right option as her business is slowly being flucked b…

The Penthouse Experience in Zamboanga City || THE AGC PENTHOUSE

I have 36 hours to spend in Zamboanga City and since our house is 12 kms away from downtown I have decided to stay near the airport to maximize my stay this August.

Aug 5, 2017
My flight was to leave at 3:55am via Cebu pacific at Terminal 3. I woke up at 1:30am as supposed to my original plan of waking up at midnight to give me ample time to prepare. Upon arrival at the airport I had to rush and luckily got there on time, 1 minute before the check-in counter closes. There are Pros and Cons to arriving early and just on time for your flight.

Last to check-in, first to deplane as I got seated at the front row(1D to be exact and I did not have any seatmates), the plabe arrived 18 minutes earlier than ETA and so I had to wait for my bestfriend to fetch me and take me to THE AGC PENTHOUSE ZAMBOANGA.

It only took us roughly 10 minutes to get yo the place, and we were welcomed by Ms. Macapili(the caretaker of the place) for some briefing and instructions about the place. The location is acc…


Last July 22, 2017 me, my cousins and some of my batchmates decided to meet up in Manila. I have recently discovered a restaurant that offers food that are famous in our homeland ZAMBOANGA CITY. More info on this restaurant on my blogpost.

After fetching my daughter from my husband's cousin as he had a flight that day to Zamboanga, we went home, got a couple of things and booked a transport service going to Manila. We knew that traffic may not allow us to go to and from Manila fast and so we decided to stay at an affordable place nearby and not worry about going home late and also rain as it was a very rainy evening. Upon reaching the restaurant we dined and had a great time feeling as if we were in Zamboanga once again. We were later joined by my batchmates/friends from high school and after which as it was already late we booked a transport service again to get to BGC HOSTEL MANILA.

Location: 870 Vicente Cruz, Sampaloc Manila
Right above 360 Salon and across Mang Inasal.

You ma…