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Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I can eat breakfast food anytime and so I am so excited to visit a place where I can have breakfast all day...24/7!....The TAPSISHOP!


 - here they offer tasty tapa from high quality meat. TapsiShop is becoming endemic because of the taste. Completely satisfied that I could have this all day.

- their open 24/7. Very convenient to all of our Graveyard workers wanting a quick fix after work.

- The TapsiShop is situated along ML QUEZON ST NEAR GOLDILOCKS just walking distance from Antipolo Church. You can go there after church or before going to other destinations if you feel like you want to discover Antipolo.


From Shaw, just take a ride via FX and tell the driver to drop you off near Antipolo Church.

Address at ML Quezon Antipolo, Rizal near goldilocks.

Lets go! 👌👌👌

This place is perfect for families, friends and even a quick catch up. Even the kid…

The other LAURELS

The other Laurels

The years of genealogical research have enabled the Laurel family to trace their ancestry to a scion of the Sultanate of Brunei in the 15th century before the coming of the Spaniards to the Philippines.
The Sultan's eldest and heir apparent had refused the throne because he loved to explore, travel, and seeking adventures so he traveled before he settled in Batangas, Philippines. So many years and histories gone by, the Laurels became not just the highest political leaders in the Philippines but also established the name in business. Being a leader is in the blood for these powerful family in the Philippines.

So much has been written with the descendants of President Jose P. Laurel who was the president of the Second Philippine Republic during the Japanese occupation.
The same as other historical figures, we are curious about the descendants' whereabouts or about their works and sacrifices, something of great value.
One Laurel particularly a soft spoken woma…

A travel back to the 90's || PATJAR CAFE

90's kids would be travelling down memory lane upon visiting this instagram worthy place in Marikina called PATJAR CAFE.

Nov 30

Before my flight to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia we decided to visit a shop located in Marikina, the shoe capital of the Philippines. Owned & managed by PAT & JR thus the name Patjat Cafe, is a very cozy place where you can dine and relax amidst the busy streets in the metro you will be surprised to feel like you are in the province when you visit the location. From humble begginings of operating in their own home and using what they have to decorate the place now they have moved to a bigger location to cater to the growing number of consumers who enjoy dining and bonding at their cafe.

Does the dish look familiar to you? Yes, that's how creative and resourceful the owners of this cafe are. They can turn a simple cable dish to a masterpiece. The decors in this cafe are either recycled, a part of their collection or given by customers.

I know what yo…

DINNER IN THE DARK & ZOOBIC NIGHT SAFARI || A humbling & exciting experience

Saturdays are usually days I spend with my daughter. We would usually do something exciting or just chill and have a girls day out. This particular Saturday was something special as we would be experiencing something that ZOOBIC SAFARI just recently launched , the NIGHT SAFARI plus we also will be attending their DINNER IN THE DARK supporting our blind brothers and sisters in the Philippines.
Nov 18, 2017

The travel was long and warm but the experience is definitely worth the travel. If you are a nature lover the sceneries that you will pass by going to your destination would get you to take those pictures and make you want to do a stopover.

Upon reaching SUBIC SAFARI you will be travelling down memory lane of those field trips you had as a kid and I was excited because I got to bring my kid with me on this journey.

As parents nowadays we need to promote activities that will bring value to our childrens lives. Going to zoo's is one of the many ways on how we can show them the val…