We all have that one hero that we idolize and love. What if you get to have them stay at a hotel for a night? Wanna know how? Read on...

August is a special month for me as it marks the month when my hero was born. August 8 is my dad's birthday and since he is the hero i truly idolize and admire I would like for hime to experience a heroes welcome not only because he is my dad but because he is so much more.

It is always a good idea to unwind and have a staycation once in a while but what would be truely rewarding is being able to treat the hero of your life to a staycation they would surely enjoy. Heroes Hotel is making that possible thru their "HERO MO, SAGOT KO" promo.

The usual rate of a stay in this hotel is 2200 with breakfast for 2 plus you also get to use all their amenities FREE.

Popcorn or merienda is served every afternoon for every checked in guest.

This hotel is owned by Manuel Dela Serna.


ELEVATING THE KPUB BBQ EXPERIENCE The pioneering K-Pop-themed, meat-all-you-can concept celebrates six years and its  1,000,000th customerwith a sprawling, state-of-the-art new branch at Tiendesitas
Marrying Korean cuisine and K-Pop—inarguably South Korea’s greatest exports—in a country deliriously obsessed with anything and everything Korean is just one of the many reasons why KPub BBQ, the biggest meat-all-you-can, K-Pop themed dining concept in the Philippines, continues to be a mecca for Korean pop culture fans and foodies alike. 
What KPub BBQ brings to the table is not only unlimited heaps of thinly-sliced, gloriously marbled meat, grilled to perfection on a built-in grill and refillable plates of Korean side dishes, also known as banchan.
Itoffers an unlimitedK-Pop experience thattriggers happy memories of your first-ever trip to Seoul, bouts of nostalgia for your all-time favorite K-Drama, and the

GCASH FOREST eyes 365 thousand trees planted in 365 days

Filipinos who want to contribute to environmental preservation can now conveniently use an innovative mobile phone app to help plant trees and increase the Philippines’ forest cover. 

Leading mobile wallet, GCash, Is introducing an exciting ”green” feature on the app called GCash Forest, which lets subscribers plant virtual trees that will have real-Iife counterparts. By the end of 365 days, GCash Forest aims to plant 365 thousand trees with the help of GCash subscribers. 
According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Forest Management Bureau (FMB), the Philippines is losing 47,000 hectares of forest cover every year. The FMB also reported the need to rehabilitate 1.2 million hectares of forest lands by 2022 to prevent landslides, ensure water availability, and preserve biodiversity.
“GCash Forest is about making it easier, more convenient, and even rewarding for everyone to take care of our environment for the benefit of future generations,” said Mynt CEO Anthony Tho…

Tilapia Festival at LAUREL BATANGAS: Masterchef Competition

I did not know that Tilapia can be cooked in so many ways till I went to Laurel Batangas.

Laurel, officially the Municipality of Laurel, is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 39,444 people. Laurel had been part of Talisay, its current neighbor town. The town used to be known as Bayuyungan.

I was invited to witness their very popular Tilapia Festival by having a lot of activities. One of the activities that I participated as a judge was the MASTER CHEF COMPETITION. The contest had 2 divisions; the junior division and the senior division.

The junior division was participated by the high school students and the senior division consist of chefs from different restaurants around the area.

All of them should present their 3 different dishes. Pasta dish, Asian dish and Creative dish.

It was just so amazing tasting a lot of dishes by only using the main ingredient which the tilapia fish. It was difficult to …