Cebuana Lhuilier Alternative Learning System: ALS like no other

Cebuana Lhuillier Alternative Learning System : ALS like no other Since the renaming of PJ Lhuillier Foundation into the Cebuana Lhuillier foundation, it has since made education accessible to those who need it through donation of classrooms, learning centers, conference rooms, and buildings to be utilized for furthering learning for those who need and want it. For many years now, Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc. (CLFI) has consistently administered poverty-alleviation measures to the underserved and disadvantaged individuals and sectors nationwide. Following the personal philosophy of its President and CEO, Jean Henri Lhuillier which is to “Always Love Schooling”, part of CLFI’s major thrust in education is the  implementation of the Alternative Learning System or ALS along with three other initiatives that emphasize further the value of education; Nationwide Scholarship Program, Spiritual and Social Enhancement Program, and Special Projects on Education. “The foundation has always e…


CEBU’S BEST LECHON BY THE BAY Rico’s Lechon opens its fifth store at the heart of Manila

Here’s another exciting and mouthwatering addition to the dazzling bay area along Seaside Avenue. Rico’s Lechon is bringing Cebu’s best lechon right in the heart of Manila as it opens its fifth store at SM Mall of Asia Complex, Level 1, South Wing, Seaside Avenue in Pasay.
What’s more satisfying than biting into the Queen City’s iconic spicy lechon as you soak up the famous Manila Bay sunset? Sharing this priceless moment—and scrumptious Cebuano fare—with all your loved ones, of course.
Following the opening of Rico’s Lechon Fort Entertainment Complex at Bonifacio Global City, Top of the Glo at Glorietta, Tiendesitas in Ortigas, and U.P. Town Center in Quezon City, this newest branch takes advantage of its beautiful location offer an ample 200-seating capacity space with al fresco dining so diners can enjoy their mealtime with a view and cool sea breeze.
But dining indoors is just as pleasant with e…

SINALCO- a refreshing taste without the guilt

At this day and age, fitness and diet is a thing for a lot of individuals. Soda is one of the products that we indulge on cheat days of our "Balik-Alindog Program". But what if I told you, you can quench your thirst minus the guilt?

You heard me right.

I've always been looking for healthier alternatives to the usual soda available in the market as I usually am worried about my sugar intake, acid and that feeling of being bloated. 

When I first got my hand on a can of Sinalco, I was thinking... 

For sure this would not taste like the famous brands... 

But it did! I checked the contents and it even amazed me how they came up with such taste even if they used 100% natural sweeteners. 

I have been a soda fan ever since I was little as my dad would usually take me to his work where soda was given free and you can consume as much as you want. Soda has been a part of our everyday life. May it be a celebration, a delicious meal or even just for meryenda. The festivities were not compl…


I have been coloring my hair since Grade 3, not because I wanted to but because I try to avoid being bullied at an early age for having grey hair. Growing up in the province, having grey hair or having to use corrective glasses is not a thing during my time(I'm 31 now, so do the math). These things were causes of conflict, bullying and being left out and so my parents were supportive in having my hair colored every now and then. We went to salons(or what they call parlor during that time) whenever my grey hair are already evident and eventually ventured into doing it at home as the roots grow so fast that for me to not have any traces of having grey hair I had to do it 1-2 times a week. It is not only costly but also tedious. It would cost us around 200-500 pesos whenever I had to color my hair and so fast forward 2018, I got to try NOVELINA ZEELKE HERBAL HAIR COLOR & HAIR COLOR WITH KERATIN that I got for only 29 pesos. At first I was hesitant to try it as most if not all of…

Filipino Bloggers Network & Metrobuzz Get Together 2019

<p>Now on its sixth year, the annual Get Together party of the <strong>Filipino Bloggers Network (FBN)</strong> together with <strong>Metrobuzz Bloggers</strong> has become bigger and brighter with more sponsors and partners giving their support to two of the most active blogger groups in the country today.</p>
<p>Salu, a popular Filipino cuisine in Quezon City, will be hosting this year’s gathering of bloggers and online influencers on January 05. </p>
<p>FBN and Metrobuzz members anticipate the annual gathering as an opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old pals they have not seen for a while. Representatives of different PR groups and brands will also grace the event to personally thank members of the online community who have supported them in the past years.</p>
<p>FBN currently has almost 2,000 members and continue to expand as it provides a venue for Filipino bloggers from around the Philippines to interact …


Great Rewards Awaits Nimo TV’s Game Streamers

Manila, Philippines – Live Streaming app Nimo TV announced an exciting promo for its game streamers this December entitled Road to the Top 2018.
As one of the leading video game streaming platform, Nimo TV’s Road to the Top 2018 is a way of rewarding its streamers with the support they gave since its launch in the Philippines.
“They play a big role in achieving our goal of making an interactive community” Amy Cao, Global Marketing/PR Head Nimo TV. “They share and foster a positive culture that entertains our audience, and this is our way of acknowledging their efforts in helping us succeed,“ Cao added. The promo is open to all active streamers and winners will be recognized based on three categories: Popularity, Chatting and Stream Time. The first category is Popularity; this category is base on the total number of new users gained by streamers during the promo period. Streamers should keep on sharing their channel to gain new subscribers. Th…

Free Hair Color Application with NOVELINA

For someone who's had grey hair since grade 3, hair color application has been a constant need every 2 weeks or so and it can be costly as salons charges between 500-1000 pesos and so i opt to color my hair at home. But what if you only have to pay for the hair color aand application is free?

Yes, you heard me right NOVELINA has an early Christmas gift for all of us.

Activity: Novelina ColoREVIVE Free Hair Color Application

Mechanics: Free Hair Color application when you buy Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color as low as PHP165
NOTE: with Free application of Hair & Scalp Treatment when you like them on facebook @NovelinaCosmetics

a) Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color with Keratin php299
B) Novelina Zeelke Cream HERBAL Hair Color php299
C) Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color php165

Available Colors: Natural Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Chestnut Brown, Crimson Red, Golden Brown, Burgundy

Activity Schedule: Cash & Carry DS (2nd level) infront of The Sandwich Guy or visit their…