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Top 5 Milktea Places || PINAYAVENTURES

In 2014 I was curious about the growing rave for milktea and so I decided to try it and indeed this refreshing drink is a must try. Despite the milktea scare story of a person getting poisoned(isolated case) me and my officemates to date are still milktea lovers. There was even a time when we would order it each and everyday during breaks at our office. So if you are also wondering which milktea places are worth the rave, check the list below.
Here's a list of milktea places that I love and order from:

5. Chatime

Those who loves the color purple would love this Taiwan milktea place that has made it's way to our country as the shop has great and instagramable spots for purple lovers.

They have this circle thing that lights up when your order is ready. Cool, is'nt it?


4. Gong Cha

Gongcha is a milktea place that invites Chinese vibes based on their interiors as it is red with yellow. Although they offer a taiwan style drink, Gongcha word …

Free Movie from Tempra || PINAYAVENTURES

You heard me right! Another free movie offering from our beloved Tempra "basta lagnat, tempra ang katapat". This time I am inviting my officemates to join me as we bring our kids to watch Trolls-find your happy place.

So for those moms who are on a budget but wants to reward their kids to a movie that they will surely enjoy, come and join us on November 5 @ SM Megamall, Cinema 10 3pm. Kindly check the image below for the mechanics and follow TempraPH for more updates on facebook.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase those tempra products and get to enjoy a moviedate with your family plus freebies from Tempra! Thanks Tempra!