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TEAM BOCHOG'S Extraordinary Team Building || PINAYAVENTURES

This holiday season imbes na pumunta sa mga normal na lugar na pwedeng pag outingan o gawan ng Christmas party we decided to share and be able to help the 80-100 infants, kids and young adults of CHOSEN CHILDREN VILLAGE- they cater to special needs of these special children. Bawal po picturan ang kids kaya wala sila dito pero kung na experience nyo ang na experience namin maluluha kayo at marerealize nyo how blessed you and your families are. It's an eye opener to all of us to be thankful and contented for what we have... uulitin namin toh to be able to help again.... We had a great tour around the place...

 Thanks Kuya driver for bringing us to Wildflour in BGC despite the heavy rain. No rain can stop us from sharing our blessings!

We ate at Balinsasayaw to feed our stomach and we went to Chosen children to feed our soul.

Not the usual team building , but the feeling of being able to share and make others happy is life changing!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Team BOC…


Since it's almost Chinese New Year I will be sharing with you our fun adventure that you can use ass a guide during your visit to Chinatown, Binondo with less than 500 to spend.

The original plan was to meet at 7am to go to PRC and Divisoria but ended up meeting at around past 8am. We rode a jeepney from Chowking Pembo to Guadalupe for 7 pesos and as we were stucked in traffic I saw the sign Guadalupe ferry and remembered from a blog i read that it can take us to Lucky Chinatown and so i told Jo and Cat about it and they agreed to take that alternate route as it would be a different experience. We arrived at the ferry station at 9am and the next trip was 10am.

We did'nt mind the 1 hour wait as we know we are in for a great experience. We decided to go to a nearby store to buy some snacks. When we went back to the ferry station we were already excited and little did we know that we were in for a great ride. All of us were first timers and so we were all thrilled and it's li…