There is no fix to homesick that is more satisfying than eating food that you only get to eat from your province. More so, when you can eat these food without buying a plane ticket or breaking the bank. Satti and other Zamboanga flavors in Manila, read on to find out where you can find them.

I am from Zamboanga City and I have been staying in Manila for a good almost a decade now. I go home every now and then but it is still different as these trips are just limited. Whenever I go back to Zamboanga I always visit familiar restaurants that makes me feel at home.

Satti, pastil, tamal, spaghetti(from food paradise), supercheese(from El Maestro), knickerbucker, Curacha with Alavar Sauce, bagoong gata, Maggi kari and many more is what Zamboanga City is famous for. Most of these food may come from Malaysia originally but these food have been well embraced by Zamboangueños as well. It's as if these food symbolizes unity between Christians and Muslims in the Asia's Latin City.

When I saw one of my cousins post on facebook about a Satti Place here in Manila, I had to visit it the soonest possible time. I am supposed to go home this July but due to schedule changes I had to postpone and so I thought what better way to fill the sadness than being able to eat something that I would normally eat if my flight was not cancelled.

Me and my husband on our way to find a taste of Zamboanga in Manila

So, we found ourselves in Zamboanga Classic Satti Restaurant. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the owner and we had a little chitchat in "Chavacano". We did not waste any time and ordered Satti right away. They have been operational since February of this year but officially opened in May.

Zamboanga Classic Satti Restaurant

You can find them right infront of Amelie Hotel

Location: 1678 Bocobo St., Malate Manila

How to get there:

Via uber or grab or taxi: Just have them take you to Amelie Hotel as it is right infront of that hotel

Via Lrt: ride to Pedro Gil station and walk to Robinsons Manila from Robinsons Manila head to the side facing Eurotel as Bocobo St. is to the right of Eurotel.

From outside the restaurant Jocobo St. you will see Robinsons Manila

Robinsons Manila

Ask around if you get lost, use Google Maps or you may also send them a message on their facebook page:
They are open from 7am-11pm Kondays to Sundays.

We were excited to know that they only not serve Satti but other dishes that Zamboangueños love. It's as if this restaurant brought all of the food we would have eaten at different restaurants if ever we were in Zamboanga and served it all to us here in Manila. It is the answer to those who would not be able to go to Zamboanga but would like to taste what Zamboanga has to offer.

Chicken Satti for only 80pesos

They did not have the other options when we visited as it was early in the morning but the also serve beef satti

We also got to try their own version of Knickerbocker for 90pesos

inside the restaurant

Picture with the owner who is originally from Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City

We went home full and excited to go back and try their other specialties.

Fast forward to trying their other specialties July 22, 2017 Saturday my cousins and some friends were curious and excited to also get to have a taste of Zamboanga in Manila. I was free to join them and so we met there for dinner.

Here's their menu

The travel squad is back with some foodtrip

Me and Zed(the one holding the camera in the picture above) got chicken satti while my cousin Eric and Zed's sister got beef satti. It was nice that even individuals like Zed who is from Manila(he tried satti, pastil and Daral during our Zamboanga trip last March 2017), embraced these dishes and ended up loving them. Satti is a bit spicy for some though who would be trying it for the first time just like Zed's sister. I am sure that they loved it though as they even bought Satti to go to bring home.

Chicken Satti

Beef Satti

After eating Satti we ordered pastil, daral and knickerbocker.

Pastil bihon 10pesos each

Pastil comes in 2 varieties: Pastil bihon and Pastil with mongo sprout, what was available was the pancit bihon(the wrap is like that of empanada but inside the stuffing was bihon). It is best enjoyed with this spicy vinegar sauce. It was freshly made when it was served to us as it was still hot and crispy.

Daral at 60 pesos per 4 pcs

Daral is like fresh lumpia but inside you get to taste a "bukayo" like stuffing so it is sweet plus the soft freshly made wrap. The one I first tried during our Zamboanga Trip last March was served in a white wrap but this one is in purple and is even tastier than the one we tried in Zamboanga.

Knickerbocker at 90pesos

After eating spicy food what better way to treat your tastebuds but the ever famous knickerbocker. It's made out of fresh fruits, cream , and strawberry icecream on top. 

Zamboanga barter products

They also sell barter products that we can find in Malaysia and Zamboanga Barter Trade at the restaurant like Maggi Kari and Sedap.

My high school batchmates enjoying Satti

Zamboangueños Reunited

I have been recommending this place to my friends and readers and a lot of you may have already visited the place by now. Thank you for sending me messages telling me that you have enjoyed the food and that you found my post helpful. I am sure just like me you felt like you were home. Zamboanga Classic Satti Restaurant is a taste of home away from home.

Till next time, Zamboanga Classic Satti Restaurant. Thank you for bringing us closer to having a taste of Zamboanga in Manila.



  1. Omg, they have everything! Why don't i know about this. Happy to read your post. I just flew back last night from Zamboanga and im suddenly craving for a nice hot bowl of satti. - Ram

  2. Wow I'm so glad to find out that there's satti available in Manila. It's a good strategy to introduce satti to those who dare too. =)


  3. Is this resto still operational? I'd love to drop by...


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